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Multi-Platinum selling country superstar Jo Dee Messina released her brand new single, “He’s Messed Up,” from her critically acclaimed studio album ME. The single, has been one of the Top 20 most downloaded and most streamed singles on Play MPE for the last three weeks and was just featured on the new radio show On The Horizon on SiriusXM The Highway (Channel 56) last week. The rock-infused track, written by Messina and Alyssa Bonagura, features back-up vocals by the fans who helped make Messina’s new music happen as Kickstarter backers, including a 14 year old who took the day off from school to be a part of the record.

“I had originally written part of this song with Pink in mind intending to co-write with her during her tour stop in Nashville. However, schedules being what they are, it didn’t end up working out but when I took it to Alyssa she had some great additions,” said Messina. “It’s just a fun song that I loved having the Kickstarter backers be a part of! I am so excited by the positive response I have been getting from fans out on the road and from radio.”

Messina is currently out on the road in support of her latest album ME, which is being dubbed her best album to date combining an alluring mix of up-tempo songs and heartfelt tunes on the 12-track album. ME showcases the journey Messina has been on since parting ways with her record label in 2012. Breaking out with her own Dreambound Records Messina launched the most successful Kickstarter campaign out of Nashville to make this album and give fans a voice. Known for her electrifying live performances and powerhouse vocals, it comes as no surprise that Messina’s ever-growing devoted fan base across the country continues to surpass expectations with their support.


Jo Dee Messina’s recent success in fans backing her new album via Kickstarter continues to evolve her relationship with listeners.

The multi-platinum, award-winning country singer/songwriter has engaged fans by giving them a voice on her next album—literally. In addition to some Kickstarter contributors appearing on the album as backup vocalists, MESSINA messaged fans, asking them to vote on which song they would like to be the album’s first single. In just 10 days she received over 220,000 impressions and the fans have spoken. It was a close call between “Peace Sign” and “Woman’s Rant,” but winning the vote for her first radio single is “Peace Sign.” A signature MESSINA song, the new single grabs fans with the upbeat, country-rock fun she’s known for. “Peace Sign” will be available to radio programmers this Friday, August 23.

“This song is a blast,” shares JO DEE. “The first weekend we carried the ‘Peace Sign’ T-shirts, we sold out in two shows. It’s definitely a fan favorite.”

“Peace Sign” is the first radio single off JO DEE’s forthcoming full-length album. The song was written by Amy Dalley, Scott Ledger and Tyler Hayes and is produced by JO DEE herself.

For the first time in her successful music career, JO DEE is free to make the record she wants, and more importantly, the record her fans have been waiting for. Over the course of 30 days, fans–known as “Team JDM”–rallied behind the country music sensation and showed their support through pledges, shares and kind words. Her backers helped her reach and exceed her Kickstarter goal of $100,000.

Upon reaching the goal, an excited MESSINA noted that the project has become more than backing an album; it’s a testament to the limitless possibilities of artist and fan collaboration.

“The people are the ones that make music possible,” JO DEE explains. “They are the ones that come to the shows, request the songs, and get the records. When I first started the campaign, many folks didn’t get it. The ones that took the time to learn about it got that this project is something we are all doing together. Once again the fans have shown their love and loyalty. I am truly grateful.”

More news on the album release will be unveiled soon.


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Last month, country music sensation JO DEE MESSINA gave her fans the opportunity to become backers on her new album throughKickstarter and even went as far as to let them choose the songs for the upcoming project. Now, in yet another bold effort to involve her growing fan base, she’s letting the public pick the single!

Jo Dee Messina is putting the finishing touches on her newest album, and she’s reached the part of the process in which a radio single must be selected! Jo Dee has expressed to fans that she wants to introduce the album with a fun, up-tempo song. She’s performed new material in recent live shows and is now relying on concertgoers for feedback via social media on which song they think should be the album’s first single. “Woman’s Rant” and “Peace Sign” are both strong contenders as they have the strong empowering lyrics you would expect from Messina.

Now fans can listen to a portion of each song on the official Jo Dee Messina website and cast their vote on which one they want released first!

“For years I’ve had people asking for certain songs to be released, but had no control over the singles. Now that have the opportunity, I want to let the fans to choose the single. After all, they made this record possible—it’s their album!” said Messina.

Go to the Jo Dee Messina Facebook page or to listen and vote for the song you think should hit the airwaves. Let your voice be heard!