Bigger Than This

NashvilleGab – Country music news and Nashville celebrity gossipThey say it’s difficult to catch lightning in a bottle twice, right? Wrong. Jo Dee Messina defies the odds with her just-released set ME. Blasting on all cylinders, the red-headed powerhouse returns to her charming roots on the 12-track collection, but with a new found maturity, grace […]

MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL March 18, 2014 Jo Dee Messina Me Dreambound Records When Jo Dee Messina found herself without a recording contract last year, she turned to her fans as she began to make her first studio album in nine years. Tapping Kickstarter for funding, and raising more than $120,000 for the project, Messina made the process […]

Country Music Superstar Jo Dee Messina Exclusive interviewIn a day and age where something new and shiny seems to mask the importance of what is classic and dependable, an experienced artist re-emerges straddling the line of her original, verifiable sound and today’s modern, confident country music. via Cmchatlive

Jo Dee Messina’s  much anticipated fan-backed album ME is now available for sale EVERYWHERE including Best Buy, Walmart, FYE, iTunes, and!