The big word this year at the CMA Music Fest was WEATHER! I’ve been coming to this fest since I moved down here almost 10 years ago and every year seems hotter than the last…until 2012.

Someone has been making deals with Mother Nature because she decided to ease up on the crews that work this show in the stifling heat. There were breezes like we’ve never felt and nights that were simply gorgeous outside. Yes, there was the expected rainfall but not nearly as bad as it was in past years, interrupting the show schedule.

As usual, I spent the majority of my day over at LP Field as the groups loaded in. This event has always been exciting to be a part of to see all the contacts we have in Country Music and meet some new faces. I did, however, spend sometime across the river at the Riverfront Stages to catch a few artists. Jo Dee Messina has been a Shure Artist clear back to her first hit and she never fails to draw a huge crowd at this event. After so many years in this industry, she still delivers a great performance! Read More