Award-winning country music artist, Jo Dee Messina, released her brand new single, “Just To Be Loved,” available everywhere now!

“Just To Be Loved” stemmed from Jo Dee’s experience raising two young boys. “I’m seeing things that are coming across my phone from 12, 13-year-old girls and it’s blowing my mind,” she told Taste of Country. The song centers around a young girl grappling with her sense of self-worth due to her habit of comparing herself and her life to what she sees on social media. The uplifting message in the lyrics is something we could all benefit from hearing. Fans have been thrilled about new music from the country music star, as she has teased the songs for tens of thousands of them at live shows ahead of its release. Listen to “Just To Be Loved” here:

Messina said, “The gist of the song is, don’t change who you are just to be loved because God made you perfect. He made you priceless and He already loves you with a perfect love.”

​​You look around at everybody’s highlight reel
Picture perfect, pretty lies it makes you feel like
Your life is underrated
You get lost when you start chasing
Everything you think you’re missing
But think what you’ve been missing

Just to be loved
Just to be loved
Just to be loved
Don’t be somebody else to be loved
Just to be loved
Just to be loved

Written by Jo Dee, Jess Cates, Jordan Mohilowski and Tim Nichols, Jo Dee told the Gazette in Central City, Iowa, “I’ve been writing a lot, I’ve been so inspired. Melodies are pouring out of me. Prepare for lots of songs from me. I’m just so thankful, since looking back on my life, it wasn’t pretty. I’m grateful for every day. I grew up poor and I’ve been so blessed with my career and family — and then there are the fans who come out and who have been so supportive.”

With a noteworthy career spanning over two decades, Jo Dee Messina has become one of country music’s most beloved artists. Her unique ability to infuse her songs with genuine emotion and her unwavering dedication to her craft have earned her numerous accolades. Messina’s remarkable talent and down-to-earth persona have drawn fans from all over the country to see her on her wildly successful Heads Carolina, Tails California Tour, which is running through November. For more info and to purchase tickets, please visit