Jo Dee Messina may be home for the holidays but she is always juggling several things at once! This year with baby number 2 on the way, and her Music Room Series on tour, Jo Dee has added to the list… Blogging! Newly created is a blog for crazy busy women, specifically moms, that seem to manage the impossible. Jo Dee slogan “A humorous look at a working mom who doesn’t have all the answers…just some of them.” shows what typical Mom goes through day to to day along with that extra twist of being a celebrity as only Messina can. To launch her blog, she has decide to give away something every mom is searching for, quiet time and and a little pampering for herself. Now through December 13th a $100 gift certificate for a spa day will be randomly selected for 5 followers! To enter all you have to do is follow Jo Dee’s twitter account @fumblingmom and RT the contest! Details can be found at