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Jo Dee Messina to Sing National Anthem at Kentucky Derby 28-04-2014, 14:21

[…] If you can’t make the 140th Kentucky Derby, you can check out Messina on her tour which starts May 23 in Biloxi, Mississippi. Full tour dates are here. […]

Jo Dee Messina Launches Fitness Challenge 06-08-2014, 14:58

[…] album. She will head to Utah and Alabama later this week. See all of her upcoming shows here, and order ‘Me’ […]

Jo Dee Messina Sings ‘Bring on the Rain’ in Acoustic Blackbird Studio Performance [Exclusive Premiere] | Everything Country 19-08-2015, 15:43

[…] Messina is currently on the road supporting her newest record, Me, released in March of 2014; she raised more than $100,000 through a Kickstarter campaign to record the project and was able to release it independently after leaving Curb Records in December of 2012. She has been working on a brand-new single, and a special acoustic version of it, performed for Country Now, will be released soon. A complete list of tour dates is available on her website. […]

Nicole 22-12-2016, 04:20

i don’t know if you will see this but if you do i absolutely adore you and hope one day you will come to the Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center in Midland, TX. it would make my whole world

Herb Hubbel 03-02-2017, 12:05

Hope your summer performance schedule brings you to NE Ohio sometime soon.

MistyDawn Graber 21-03-2017, 12:49

Oh Naperville, Illinois so close yet so far away, like 5 hours but if better situation, like a payday, I’d love to bring my 8 year old daughter and hmmmm husband or best friend……. lmbo anyway you enjoy it and get them off their booties and singing with you!! Good luck Jo Dee Messina although you dont need it and I’ll say a prayer for a fun safe trip. Omg I just realized you’ll be like 30 minutes from my half sister I only met for like 20 min at a Teresa Caputo live show! I wonder if she’s going? Makes me go hmmm again! Have fun everyone!

Rachel Mason 04-04-2017, 13:15

The last time I saw Jo Dee Messina was Disney for the Food and Wine Festival. I was hoping to get tickets for my girlfriend and I, but I see there are no shows for Florida. Is there a chance she will be doing a concert in Florida or even Georgia anytime soon?
Thank you

admincw 18-04-2017, 08:56

we are adding new dates all the time, please check back often. Thank you

Renee Lee 17-04-2017, 20:37

We drove 1200 miles to see you in Arkansas and you were fabulous. My husband did not know you, but raved at your voice and performance. Wow! What a show. Thank you.

Bryan Payne 14-05-2017, 00:13

Really would love to see you at the Mile of Music in Appleton, WI! What am I thinking, just come to Appleton and do a concert!! Would be a hit here!! Love you Jo Dee!!❤️


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