EXCLUSIVE REVIEW: Jo Dee Messina’s “Me” on MondayBeginning today, we will be counting down the weeks until Jo Dee’s big album release, which symbolizes Jo Dee’s hard work and dedication to her craft, as well as her artistic freedom to release exactly the kind of music she and her fans want.

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Brian & Jessica 09-02-2014, 23:26

Can’t wait for the new album! We saw Jo Dee last night for the first time in years, and she was awesome! Hoping to see her a couple more times this year.

There should be a way to get info to people who check Jo Dee through the Pollstar AutoNotify. We didn’t know about the kickstarter, or we would have joined. First day buyer, though! Thanks Jo Dee!

P.S.: Great band, and loved the Carry On cover.

Claude 12-02-2014, 16:37

For the moment the new album isn’t available in the French Itunes store. I can’t pre-order it.
I hope “Me” will be available for march 18 release, or just after. If it won’t be the case, could you do anything for that or not ?


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